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Dear naughty people fucking around with bombs and cars in England.

Stop being cunts. Seriously, you're all fuckheads.

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I'm declaring war...

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$115 million funding for Christian chaplains in Australian schools.

So essentially thats a giant 'fuck you' to students of other religions and $115 mil that could have been used to buy resources for proper educations.

I have no problem with churches, mosques, temples whatever, in fact I think many are very pretty and most of the people are nice. I just think it's better to keep the brainwashing of our youngsters in the home and not in PUBLIC government run schools.

Hopefully the kiddies get a better Chaplain than mine. I lost count of how many times I got kicked out of scripture class in primary school for "disrupting the class with too many questions". :P

Hell... $115 mil for Buddhist monks would have been better. Less chance of crankiness plus the martial arts would keep the little tackers fit!

Or hey, how about multifaith chaplains or hell, lets go crazy and just have a councellor who can offer helpful advice for troubled kids other than "Well god says this..."

People make me cranky sometimes.

In other news, my everything hurts like biscuits :/

Oh and for any smartass that feels like commenting about "Wah wah, christian founded country" just shut it and hop over to Iraq, or Iran or wherever this months "Evil brown people with weird gods" live.

Let's start a fund to put a Richard Dawkins book in every school in Australia! Mwuhahahahahha! :D
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Wow, the Extended edition of Kingdom of Heaven makes so much more sense.

Like how he knows how to sword fight and sight trebuchets :P
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Ok seriously, all you evil terrorist types (or the USA government)

Please, for the love of all that is sensible and vaguely reasonable bomb the crap out of people who make shit like this happen.

I feel sorry for all the intelligent people (religious and not) who have to deal with these people.

Thankfully here in Australia they seem to not exist, or there are only enough of them to make them sound like the redneck freaks they are.
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Keg are drunk.

Yay painkiler :D

Methinks poeple coming over for drinkies in the near future would be teh awesomenesstasticness.

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